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ULTRASOUND GUIDED BREAST BIOPSY - What you need to know prior to your procedure

Posted by Houston Medical Imaging on Nov 12, 2018 2:30:00 PM


Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy utilizes ultrasound in order to precisely biopsy a suspicious mass visible at ultrasound. Typically, suspicious microcalcifications are biopsied using stereotactic guidance, while masses are biopsied using ultrasound-guidance. The radiologist may choose to use a skinny needle, core needle or vacuum-assisted biopsy device. When biopsying suspicious masses, we typically use the Mammotome™ vacuum-assisted needle. This has been shown to be the most sensitive and specific method to perform ultrasound-guided biopsy, minimizing the risk of a nondiagnostic biopsy or sampling error.
Minimally invasive biopsy is preferred to open surgical biopsy. Your physician however may choose to perform a surgical biopsy, particularly if the lesion lies too close to the skin or chest wall, or simply cannot be adequately defined at ultrasound. Additionally, better cosmetic results may be possible with an excision of a likely benign lesion such as a fibroadenoma.

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Bone Scan vs. SPECT CT FUSION Imaging, Improving Sensitivity

Posted by Randall A. Stenoien MD, ABR on Nov 7, 2018 3:50:42 PM


Clinical History

52 year old female with chronic low back pain, unresponsive to conservative management and physical therapy, failed ESI procedure elsewhere.


Whole Body Bone Scan
SPECT CT Fusion scan of the lumbar spine

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