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Financial Need Program at Houston Medical Imaging

Posted by Jessica Curran on Aug 13, 2019 1:04:00 PM

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Having good health is a blessing that we should never take for granted, as we are all prone to illness and injury. In fact, it is possible to find yourself faced with unexpected health issues and it can happen while you are under the pressure of financial burdens. However, it is comforting to know that there are people/organizations who care and are able to offer assistance when we need it most.

The team at HMI are dedicated to giving back and serving our community. With this thought in mind, we have created a program that offers assistance to individuals with imaging needs who cannot afford the service or have a hardship. Dr. Calderon was the original founder of Houston Medical Imaging in 1998 and played a major role in establishing this program. He saw the need in the community and acted on it. Since purchasing HMI, Dr. Stenoien has kept the program in place and Dr. Calderon has remained very active in promoting the service and advocating for patients. The program is designed to ensure that patients who are in genuine need receive assistance.

To qualify for the program, it is imperative that a few steps are followed. First, you must speak with you referring physician as they will need to fill out and sign an order form stating that you the patient has a financial need. This form is a required document that orders your imaging study. Once the form has been received at HMI, the team will review and contact the patient to discuss available options.

Step 1.

The Referring physician will need to state that the patient is FINANCIAL NEED on the order form and sign the document.

Step 2.

The referring physician’s office should fax the order form to: 713-383-9933

Send it electronically, or send the order form with the patient.

If the patient has the order, they will need to call our office to ensure the order is delivered to HMI.

Our scheduling department: 713-589-5231.

Step 3

Once the order has been received at HMI, one of our scheduling coordinators will call the patient to discuss their need and provide options.


Additional benefits at Houston Medical Imaging:


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5 Locations to choose from (Location #6 will open soon in Pearland, TX)


Board certified sub-specialty radiologists

My Vue: Allows patients easy access to their reports and images

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