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Houston Medical Imaging: New Annual Employee Recognition Awards

Posted by Jessica Curran on Feb 27, 2019 11:33:59 AM

Houston Medical Imaging is proud to announce their first annual employee recognition award program and ceremony. This year we have five categories for employee participation. At HMI we value our employees and are extremely proud that the average employee tenure is 10+ years. Dr. Stenoien, CEO of Houston Medical Imaging has made it a priority to create a work environment that promotes professional and personal growth.

“We appreciate the continued hard work and dedication from our staff at all of our Imaging locations. We hope in recognizing key individuals, it will promote continued pursuit in high quality patient care and professionalism.” states Diego Roldan, General Manager.

Our core values inspired the five award categories: Creativity, Technology, Service, Compassion and Integrity. All employees were eligible to participate in their peer nomination.


Winner: Russel Hernandez, Technologist & Clinical Manager

This award goes to an HMI employee who embraces the opportunity to problem-solve whatever issues come their way and uses creativity when implementing solutions to better serve our patients.


Winner: Igor Stjepanovic, IT Team Member

This award goes to an HMI employee who utilizes technology in an attempt to better the patient outcomes and better the workplace environment. 


Winner: Fatima Taveras, Technologist

This award goes to an HMI employee who truly exemplifies a servant’s heart and goes above the call of duty to help others whether it is their fellow coworkers or patients. This individual believes in a team mindset and regularly assists others even when it is outside of their job description.


Winner: Suja Lukose, Technologist

This award goes to an HMI employee who embodies compassion in their daily dealings with others, especially patients. This individual makes it a point to deliver the highest standard of care while treating the patient with kindness and respect.


Winner: Ada Guadron, Lead Technologist

This award goes to an HMI employee that upholds high standards of behavior towards patients, coworkers, and management. This individual has a record of making sound, ethical choices and demonstrates a commitment to creating a safe environment for patients and coworkers a like.   

We were excited to present the winners with their rewards. Each employee winner truly embodies the characteristics associated with their designated award and we are so grateful for them & their service! 

Employee collage

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